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Daily Message ~ Sunday September 19, 2021

Your ascension is based on a compilation of experiences, both external and internal. You shift internally, then express it externally. In many ways you may think of it as its own manifestation process, starting energetically first and then slowly but surely making its way into form.

You are in the body to experience the continuation of your evolution. It cannot be rushed or avoided. It will simply continue at its own pace. So any fear you have of change, or not changing, or somehow not getting it right are completely unfounded and only create resistance to the ever-unfolding wonder that is you.

Do you see? You simply cannot get it wrong so it is completely safe to trust your journey and start to find peace with wherever you are on it. That will open you to the acknowledgement and acceptance of the intricate perfection of it all, and that is the balm that will begin to make the process far more enjoyable for you. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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