Daily Message ~ Sunday September 22, 2013

Guilt is another way human beings abuse themselves and dull their beautiful light. Dear Ones, please know guilt serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever. There is no glory in keeping yourself small in your self abuse.

We are not for a second saying that if you have done something that is not in alignment with your highest self that you should not make amends if necessary. The vast majority of humans are very forgiving if they feel your regret is genuine. Then simply choose differently next time, and keep your behaviour in line with who you now know yourself to be.

Guilt keeps you chained to the past. Living in the past is a sure way to create great discomfort for yourself which can, over time, create the energetics of depression and disease in the body. It also distracts you from the Now moment where all great change happens.

Please, understand that there is not an angry, vengeful God judging you, so why continue to judge yourself? You do not even need the forgiveness of God, because you were never, even for a second, out of God’s favour.

You are loved unconditionally, and unconditional love does not judge, berate or condemn, so take that love and apply it to yourself, and commit to shining your highest light and know that is always more than enough. ~Archangel Gabriel

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