Daily Message ~ Thursday April 18, 2013

Where a great deal of enlightening human beings seem to be losing their highest alignment is in the area of accepting and allowing. We ask you to start truly putting into practice acceptance. Acceptance for who you really are, acceptance for your bodies, acceptance for the fact that you truly are a beloved part of a greater whole, acceptance for the fact that so is everybody else!

You are ALL divinely perfect, each on of you, for whatever step of your paths you may be on. Trust in the universe. Trust in your guides and helpers. Trust in yourself, who is choosing to have the experiences you are having. Trust in your ability to create. By doing so, you move out of seeing things as wrong and can stay in your highest alignment.

Accepting and allowing supports healthy boundaries. It honours others on their paths and by doing so, encourages their authentic power. It celebrates others in their divinity, and supports your own flow by keeping you out of the illusion that anything is wrong.

Accepting and allowing are vital aspects of your mastery. They demonstrate faith and allow you to BE, and by doing so, support your balance. When you step out of looking for what is wrong, you are free to focus on your creations and support others with your calm, balanced knowingness.

It can be particularly difficult to stay in the energies of acceptance and allowing when times are challenging, but let us assure you that by embracing your own mastery you are supporting the entire system, and each other, far more than you could possibly imagine. ~Archangel Gabriel

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