Daily Message ~ Thursday April 25, 2013

As many of you are aware, you are now in the midst of a series of eclipses, which can feel very uncomfortable and pressuring to people in a variety of ways. It is important to be kind and gentle with yourselves during such times. If your body is asking for rest, rest. Nurture your body. Spend time in activities that bring you joy. Meditate. Know others are feeling uncomfortable, too, and it is during such times small kindnesses towards each other go a long way. Smile. Be mindful. Let your light shine by being of service to others, even if it is in little ways that make the moment more pleasant. Remember you are all in this together, and you always emerge from the times you consider energetically trying even brighter, purer and lighter than before. These are the times your soul just couldn’t wait to experience, so cherish all of the wonderful aspects of this unprecedented time on your planet with wonder and gratitude and you will find them much easier to navigate. ~Archangel Gabriel

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