Daily Message – Thursday April 26

Many helper souls, such as yourselves, have a strong tendency to put others before themselves. While your society has taught you that is noble, in reality, that is exactly what leads to emotional and physical exhaustion. Some humans use helping as a shield to avoid doing their own healing and growth, and begin to define themselves only through their efforts for others. Over time, they will find that their efforts will never feel like enough and become less and less satisfying. Externals, no matter how good intended they may be, will never make you whole. Your wholeness can only come from within, by embracing and honouring who you really are and your sacred connection to Source. If you really wish to be of service to others, put your soul growth and wellness first. That will allow you to create a firm foundation to truly help others from a place of empowerment. Disempowered helping frequently masks low self esteem and is out of balance. True service empowers everyone.
~Archangel Gabriel

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