Daily Message ~ Thursday August 14, 2014

Dear Ones, you understand that the way to create the New Earth is through love, but for many of you that has become a concept that sounds good but is difficult to understand. Your minds wonder, how can love really make that much of a difference?

Love is essential to the Shift because love is the energy of Source. It is moving back to your divine essence, your true roots, your authentic power centre. To love is to proceed and make decisions from your highest self. It connects, it includes, it inspires, it encourages, it accepts, it unifies, it harmonizes, it heals. It is heart-centered living that embraces and uplifts both the one and the all. To choose love is to anchor the energies of heaven on earth.

Do you see? Love is complex and multi-faceted, yet delightfully simple. It is yours to use, whenever you choose, and is the way to create the world, and life expressions, you dream of. ~Archangel Gabriel

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