Daily Message ~ Thursday August 16, 2012

Standing in your truth, integrity, transparency are the traits of the enlightening human being. As we move forward energetically those traits will be more and more supported as the old energies fall away. If you are not fully embodying those aspects, you may begin to experience certain physical symptoms. If you are not speaking your truth, for example, you may experience discomfort in your throat area. If you are not standing up for yourself, your back may not feel good. This doesn’t mean your physical health is falling apart, Dear Ones! As always, your body is a wonderful mechanism for giving you feedback. As you embody the authenticity and beingness of an enlightening human being, you will experience wellness like never before. Everything, absolutely everything is assisting you – the universe, the helpers (both seen and unseen), right down to your physical body. Why not save yourself a lot of time and discomfort and embrace who you are here to be? ~Archangel Gabriel

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