Daily Message ~ Thursday August 20, 2015

A question that many people ask is, “How do I release old belief systems?” The answer is very simple, Dear Ones. You replace the old one that does not honour you, with a new one that more closely matches who you are today. Let us give you an example.

As a child you may have thought there were monsters under your bed. That belief would have seemed very real to you at the time, and would have resulted in you feeling very fearful and disempowered.

As you grew older, you gradually realized that there weren’t monsters under your bed after all. You didn’t need elaborate healing ceremonies to release that belief. You didn’t need to do anything at all. You simply replaced the old disempowered belief with one that matched your new level of growth and understanding.

Do you see? Any belief system that you still carry that promotes fear or feeling disempowered in any way is outmoded and ripe for release. Connect with who you are today, examine whether beliefs are a match to your level of growth, empowerment and truth, or whether you are continuing them due to habit and conditioning. Then replace anything that does not honour and support you, with what does. It does not need to be any more complicated than that. ~Archangel Gabriel

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