light at end of path trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday August 26, 2021

Many of you put tremendous stress on yourselves to be perfect in your spiritual practices and beat yourselves up if you are not successful in that lofty goal. What we want you to understand is that every single time you find your way back to your truth and your alignment, you drive the shift for yourself and for your planet.

It is normal to have moments of beautiful clarity and other moments where you forget what you know. Every single time you find your way Home to yourself  you send ripples across the universe and your highest self, along with your guides, helpers, and ancestors, wonder at your instincts and innate wisdom.

So be easy on yourselves, Dear Ones. You are also beings of ebb and flow. Just as you can trust that the sun rises and sets every day, and the tide goes out and comes back in, understanding you will always find your way back to your truth will help you start to trust yourselves and your journey.

And as you progress the need for extremes before you find your way back to yourself will become less and less, and you will remember to choose the light, over and again, not because you pressure yourself but simply because it is your preference and it brings you joy to redirect back into your true essence. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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