Daily Message ~ Thursday August 9, 2012

Many of you have been on the planet with service contracts as pathpavers or trailblazers. It has been a long, often difficult journey for many of you. Your service is celebrated and honoured! And now, for many of you, your service is changing. You will be moving from trailblazer to anchor, supporting the entire process by your beingness, while the next wave will take on some of the busier roles. For many of you this will be a welcome change, feeling much like spiritual retirement, where things take on a more relaxed pace with much time being spent in doing whatever brings you joy. Again, you have earned this new position from your long and concerted efforts. For some, you may have trouble adjusting, feeling like you are not doing enough. Please rest assured that the role of anchor is extremely important to the process and your beingness is assisting the planet, yourself and others just as much as any service you have done before. ~Archangel Gabriel

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