Daily Message ~ Thursday December 11, 2014

Many human beings don’t like to “put themselves out there” for another person. They think, I’m not going to love that person if they don’t show me they love me first. Or, Why should I appreciate that person because they don’t appreciate me? We understand this may seem very prudent and wise from your perspective, but it cannot get you where you wish to be. In fact, by living that way everyone holds out and nobody wins.

When you make your responses dependant upon another’s actions, you are giving your power away. You are limiting your experiences because you are placing yourself at the mercy of another. What may have seemed smart to you is actually a severely limiting choice.

Dear Ones, you lead your life expression by choosing what you wish to energetically embody and becoming what you wish to receive. Every choice you make is an energetic declaration of self and preference. If you wish to have love, love. If you wish to have appreciation, appreciate. You can absolutely steer your flow, and your experiences, by being a vibrational leader and your own energetic hero, by choosing to BE, and to give, what you wish to receive. ~Archangel Gabriel

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