Daily Message ~ Thursday February 13, 2014

Before you came into the body, you made an agreement with the Universe. You knew you were going into a place where you would feel separate and forget much of what you knew, and that your goal would be to, despite the density, remember your truth. The Universe assured you that it would be there as a constant support once you entered into the body.

“If I am on the other side of the veil, how will you know what I need help with?” you asked. “What if I can’t figure out how to connect with you once I’m there?” “It is simple,” replied the Universe. “Whatever you focus on, we will know you want to experience more of, and we will lovingly support you in that by magnifying it, no matter what it is. That is how much we love and trust you. If you really like what we have co-created, simply send us feedback in the form gratitude, and we will make sure your preferences continue.” ~Archangel Gabriel

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