Daily Message ~ Thursday February 14, 2013

As the human beings of light become more accustomed to the newer energies of this brand new age, for many, their focus will be on relationships, particularly, divine partnership.  Dear Ones, many of you have been such giving, loving souls that you have become out of balance.  Many of you, being on the earth with service contracts, have struggled with appropriate boundaries as well as your ability to receive love.  Moving forward, human beings will be seeking love, honour and balance in their primary relationships, as well as integrity, transparency and mutual service with a strong focus on continued personal growth.  This is wonderful!  Can you feel how that would lead to relationships that allow you to celebrate the self as well as the other?  The key to finding that unconditional love so many of your hearts yearn for is to practice unconditional love for self first, understanding that as you hold that energy you can only draw more of the same to your life expression.  As with all great change, healing, and creation, it all must begin within first.  So, on this day that celebrates love, commit to falling head over heels in love with yourself, wildly, unconditionally, joyfully and the universe will be compelled to join you in that dance of love. ~Archangel Gabriel

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