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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 15, 2018

Do you keep yourselves from thriving due to some feeling of guilt, shame, or regret? We love you for your tender hearts and for the fact that you have discovered that something was not your true energetic match. But keeping yourselves tethered to such old energy cannot help you do what you really wish to do, which is to move forward in a more authentic and empowered way.

If you have made what you consider to be a mistake, the fact that you have already discovered it was not your highest choice is enough to ensure that you will not do it again. You now have clarity and a greater sense of direction moving forward.

The greatest way to move beyond your regrets is not to continue to punish yourself, which would be consciously choosing to stay in energies that do not allow growth or expansion, it is to use it as motivation to expand into a more conscious and empowered version of you.

And that, Dear Ones, is making a positive out of what you consider a negative, by not only guiding yourself with newfound wisdom but also being a wonderful example of the best way to make amends – by fully understanding a situation and allowing it to guide you into the person you truly wish to be. By doing so, you can find the gift and the purpose in every one of your experiences. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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