girl offering heart trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday February 28, 2019

Love is a comforter, a soother, a reassurer, a healer, a connector, and an essential tool for growth and evolution. Those are just some its many wonderful abilities!

When times are chaotic it can be hard to imagine how love can transform those energies. The energies of hate, anger, or discord are not stronger than love. Those energies are just louder.

Dear Ones, never think louder equates stronger. While love is a seemingly quieter energy, that is where its power lays. It is an anchor, a constant, a stabilizer that creates a space for people to find their balance again. It is pouring a soothing healing balm over inflamed pain.

Your love is your greatest gift and blessing, both for yourself and for others. As more and more enlightening human beings embrace being beacons of love, your world will be supported in moving into the peace and unity you all yearn for. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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