Daily Message ~ Thursday February 4, 2016

What is beautiful about navigating your life expression through a surrendered state of flow is that it takes all the guess work out of things for you. When you are surrendered into the flow, your highest self, your guides and helpers, are taking the lead. The flow will take you, in the fastest, most efficient way possible, to the exact experiences and connections you wish to have that best honour your soul’s desires and highest purpose. Your job is to cooperate by staying out of resistance. It is very difficult to assist a resistant human being!

Through the knowingness that you are being lovingly guided, from that space of faith and trust, you can then move into a deep state of acceptance that everything is unfolding with divine perfection. When your focus is freed from worry and anchored with faith and trust, you can then start to notice the magic that abounds all around you, and how unconditionally loved you are by a universe that only wishes to serve you. That, Dear Ones, is when you will fall madly in love with life and your experience of co-creator. ~Archangel Gabriel

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