Daily Message ~ Thursday February 6, 2014

Acceptance is such a vital aspect for those of you wishing to live a truly empowered existence. Are you comfortable receiving? Do you ask the universe for assistance, and then turn down help when it arrives from others? So many of you are on the planet to be of service, so giving and assisting feels very natural to you, but accepting help can be rather difficult. To have the full experience that is available to you, you must find balance with your giving and accepting. Simply put, the universe cannot deliver to you if you are not willing to receive.

Let us give you this simple analogy to help make it clear. A bus is a vehicle of assistance. It helps people move around easily and safely and spends its days in service to the people it transports. What would happen if the bus wouldn’t accept fuel? Maintenance? Cleaning? What if the bus wasn’t sure it was worthy of the help? Wouldn’t that seem ridiculous? The bus, if it decided to not accept all the things that help it do its job so well, would very quickly not be much use to anyone at all.

So pay attention, Dear Ones, you may be shocked by all the ways you reject the help that is offered to you. To accept is to choose balance and unity and to graciously receive the love and support that is available to you. Doing so will allow you to willingly enter into the vast abundance that is the birthright of all of you, and to live with much greater ease and enjoyment. ~Archangel Gabriel

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