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Daily Message ~ Thursday February 8, 2018

We wish to reiterate part of yesterday’s transmission (Feb 7, 2018) as we feel it deserves greater focus. We stated, “We want you to understand your level of monetary abundance is an alignment that you have created. It is not dependant upon any job or circumstance, it is your level of energetic allowing. It goes with you everywhere you go.”

Trying, forcing, efforting, or any other means of control, is not going to create alignment, Dear Ones, as all those tactics are often driven by feelings of separation, fear, and disempowerment. Moving into alignment and allowing is being willing to flow and accept.

Trying so hard is unlikely to get you where you wish to go, because trying hard indicates struggle. Ease is a necessary part of creation for it confidently moves with the natural flow of the universe. It may be helpful to ask yourself if you are trying or if you are flowing.

You have never needed to anything to prove your worthiness. You are part of the whole, and as such, have access to everything within the whole. The old system of having to work hard before you deserve anything is a faulty belief system and is ready for release.

So if you are struggling with your own abundance, we ask you to explore how well you accept and allow. If someone compliments you, do you gracefully receive that compliment or do you downplay it? If someone offers to help you, do you gratefully receive the help or do you tell them you’re ok on your own?

If you find that accepting help is difficult, consciously focus on saying yes to the love and support that has been trying to make its way to you. Be aware that to fully embrace abundance, you must be willing to move into the ebb and flow of the rhythm of the universe, which means both giving AND receiving.

This is a very common theme for enlightening human beings – many find it much easier to give than receive. That is choosing partial alignment by leaving yourself out of the half of the flow of abundance that wishes to serve you!

How about trusting the universe to decide how much it wishes to bring to you rather than you limiting yourself with what you think is possible or appropriate? We guarantee you that Source has a much higher opinion of what you deserve than you do.

Why not start asking, “Universe, what would you like to gift me with today?” If you can surrender into that flow of potential and stay there, you will be amazed by how much more has been available to you all along. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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