Daily Message ~ Thursday January 22, 2015

When you were a young child you would dream and create without fear. Your brain simply didn’t know how to worry or play out negative scenarios. You simply focused on the pure essence of what you wished to experience and went for it. Your operating system was one of focused intention and movement, all based on what interested you or brought you satisfaction, adventure, comfort, or joy.

The universe does not deal with negatives either. It only responds to the essence of your focus.

Do you see what this means? You have been trained to become negatively focused! This has come from well-meaning parents and caretakers who were concerned about your safety. They sought to ensure your well-being by instilling fear in you. Perhaps they experienced lack and struggle in their lives so they taught you to expect that so that you wouldn’t be disappointed. What a strange lesson! Expect the world to be a harsh place so you won’t be disappointed!

What we are trying to show you is that negative focus is not your natural state of being. It is a conditioning, and one that, if you allow yourself to connect with your purest essence, is not in line with who you are.

Being positive and focused on the essence of what you wish to experience is your natural instinct. Take a moment to consider your ideas and inspirations. More often than not, your first response is one that is positively focused and then, seconds later, the conditioning hits and all the fears and doubts start to flood in.

Dear Ones, we urge you to get back to that innocence, that pure, trusting, positive, creative, focused you, because that is the part that will get you where your soul beckons you to go. ~Archangel Gabriel

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