Daily Message ~ Thursday January 24, 2013

For our last message this week about creating beyond your woundedness, we wish to discuss the model for treatment of addictions.  While there are many positive aspects to the 12 step model, continually identifying oneself by your woundedness for the rest of your life is extremely detrimental to recovery.  I AM statements are powerful, and by linking yourself in such a way to the very thing you are trying to heal beyond is not using energetics in an empowering way.  We understand that the idea behind always identifying yourself as an addict is to make you vigilant to not fall into that pattern again.  But the entire model teaches you are forever flawed!  Connecting to your higher power, standing in your truth, making amends are all things we celebrate in addiction treatment. But we would love to see people stand up and say, “I am John and I embrace my authentic power.”  “I am Jane and I am whole and healthy and balanced.”  “I am Bob and I am fully present and shining in my truth.”  How about, “I am Linda and I am safe and healthy and make good choices for myself!” Do you see?  The huge failure rate in addictions is largely due to people never allowing themselves to embrace true healing beyond the disease.  You simply cannot move into empowered change by focusing on the energy you do not want.  We are not for a second suggesting your throw out your addictions treatment, but we are certainly suggesting you add in some affirmations that focus on what you DO want.  It will be incredibly helpful. ~Archangel Gabriel

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