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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 25, 2018

Dear Ones, the amount of judgment you experience towards others is directly proportionate to the amount of fear and feelings of powerlessness you still carry within you. Judgment is the by-product of assessing threats, and leads to separation. Whenever a person chooses to separate, it is because they are afraid.

When you have worked through your fear and have stepped into your authentic power, you are not disturbed by the choices or behaviours of others because you recognize you are the empowered creator of your own life expression. When you are feeling secure in your own ability to create your judgment simply becomes observation. You honour others where they are on their paths without feeling threatened or responsible for their behaviour.

This is why it is so important to step up as your own loving guide, parent, and best friend. From your more empowered place, are your fears really valid, or are they merely conditioning and old belief systems? It is time to trust your wisdom, your evolution, and your ability to not only create the safe space you require and deserve, but to also create what it is you wish to experience.

From that place of calm, balance, and empowerment, you will feel much more comfortable with acceptance, connection, and unconditional love, which are the attributes of the higher vibrating reality you are in the midst of creating and anchoring on your planet. So acknowledge your fear as the root of separation, and heal it with your tender care and love first, along with the love and support of a universe that adores you, and the rest will become far easier for you to do as you move forward in your enlightenment process. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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