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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 27, 2022

Many of you have a reluctance to be seen as you really are due to past experiences where you were not accepted in that truth. You may have been shunned, judged, abandoned, or ridiculed. Many of you are working on the healing of that core wound in order to step forward in your highest life expression.

While it might seem natural to try to undo that old wound/fear by replacing it with a new empowering statement that included safety, seeking safety, in a sense, can indicate that you still believe there is something you need protection from. A better approach might be using a new energetic declaration such as, “My presence inspires kindness in others”.

Can you feel the difference? The energy of the new statement allows you to shine in your truth and because of that empowered choice, receive the treatment you deserve. It encourages you to be a leader, and to hold the energy for others to meet you in that space, and that, Dear Ones, is mastery. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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