Daily Message ~ Thursday January 3, 2013

Many of you, moving into this new age and new year, have become focused on what you wish to create.  We applaud you for this!  Humans are becoming very good at figuring out what they want, and a great many have a good working knowledge of the law of attraction.  Where things tend to fall apart is staying in alignment until your creations come to fruition.  Dear Ones, this is where your faith in the flow comes in.  Set your intention, hold your visions, enter the flow and stay there!  It may be that there are many different steps that get you to your desire, each one absolutely vital, along the way.  Rather than seeing things as being wrong, if you trust in the flow you will get there in record time.  The surrender, faith, flow system works, impeccably, every single time…but you must stay in the energy long enough for things to happen. ~Archangel Gabriel

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