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Daily Message ~ Thursday January 31, 2019

When emotions come up for release labelling them can be a very helpful exercise, for it will assist you in feeling into them. You may be surprised to discover that once you feel into something and properly label it, it will instantly dissipate. If it persists, feel again to identify other emotions that may be part of the mix.

So for example, you may feel hurt by something. You feel into the hurt and it lifts a bit but there is still discomfort there. You feel again, and you discover disappointment. After the release of that, you still feel discomfort and you realize there is sadness. And perhaps frustration. And under that, fear. How remarkable that you have advanced to the point where you can now stay with it and heal many different layers at once!

This is the way to process what is ready to leave and what you wish to release, for it is through your exploration and naming of the emotion that you give it your permission to go. As with all things, your free will and your own divine guidance leads the way. And, of course, we are always available to you to assist with the process should you request our help. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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