Daily Message ~ Thursday July 17, 2014

Dear Ones, you are presently in what we would call launch energies. So many of the old issues you have been working on have been, or are finally being resolved. It is like you have been trying to live a full, happy life with the heavy chains of the past around your ankles, and finally, after using much lubricant and trying many keys, the locks have finally popped open and you are stepping out of the chains.

For many of you it is a time where your inner work and the energies have finally moved into an alignment that is ripe for the next stage of your journey. With the planets assisting you, you are primed and ready for launch!

What will you create? Where will you go? It is common to suddenly want to hesitate while you are on the verge of great change. You are ready. You have worked hard to be where you are. You are worthy, and you have earned this! Keep your clarity, remember what you know, set your intention, and surrender fearlessly into this next amazing phase of empowered creation. ~Archangel Gabriel

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