Daily Message ~ Thursday July 18, 2013

We often hear humans say how they wish they could be children again. Childhood is such a simpler, more magical time because children, having just come forth from Source, naturally hold those more empowered traits. Children follow their joy and every day is spent in the pursuit of fun and enjoyment. They stay present in each Now moment. They are very clear on what they want, and do not worry about the future or dwell on the past. They are masterful creators because they have no doubt their needs will be met. The young see the wonder all around them, their days are filled with new experiences, and they are quick to forgive each other. They also embrace their imaginations which allows them to create and flow and feel their connection to all things. Children are very energetically sensitive and trust what they feel. You can very easily reconnect with that lost innocence of childhood by embracing all of these traits, which are the very same traits we urge you to embrace as enlightening human beings to live a life of creation, ease, excitement and joy. ~Archangel Gabriel

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