Daily Message ~ Thursday June 1, 2017

One of the fastest ways to connect with the energy of gratitude for any situation is to switch the words, “I have to” to the words, “I get to”.

So for example, let us suppose that you do not like to mow the lawn. Shifting from “I have to mow the lawn” to “I get to mow the lawn” immediately moves you from feeling hard done by and resentful to feeling grateful for having a lawn, having a lawnmower, being physically able to move, enjoying the sunshine, the birds, the smells, the beauty and magic that abounds in each now moment that you would miss through resistance and negative focus.

This is not about denying your feelings but rather shifting into a space that can find the blessings that always exist if only you have the eyes to see. It allows flow rather than resistance, which will always lift your energetic state into one of greater enjoyment.

It also shifts you into a higher vibrational state of presence and connection that always comes with time distortion, which will make any situation seem to go by very quickly. We cannot stress enough the power that gratitude has to create the experience of comfort and wonder in your life. ~Archangel Gabriel

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