Daily Message ~ Thursday June 17, 2021

We were recently asked, “How do I stop thinking the thoughts I don’t want to think?” We would like to address this today.

You cannot resist yourself into growth or a state of peace. Resistance simply cannot get you there. So to try to resist the thoughts amounts to resisting a part of yourself that is trying to get your attention. Denying the love and care that part of you is seeking will only trigger it more and will perpetuate your discomfort.

There is a part of you (the mind, ego, or fragmented aspect) that is fueling the thought. There is another part of you that observes the thought and can look at the bigger picture of what fear is feeding the thought (the heart, the soul, or inner wise one). Rather than attempting to wrestle the part of you that is already triggered and aggravating that fear/wound even more, we recommend approaching it from a space of understanding and love.

Disempowering thoughts come from a part of you that feels disempowered. When you can show up with your wisdom, compassion, and guidance for that part of yourself, you become empowered. Then the thought no longer has a reason to occur. It no longer has purpose. It no longer has energy to drive it.

So if you are caught in a thought pattern you no longer wish to experience, dig a little deeper. What is driving that thought? Is it fear? Pain? Worry? Insecurity? How can you love and reassure that part of yourself that you, as your own guide and parent to feel more safe and secure? How can you lead it forward into integration with your acceptance and reassurance?

You have likely noticed how difficult it can be to be positive if you are not in a state of alignment. So if you wish to think about something you are trying to make sense of, we highly recommend you prioritize putting yourself into an energetic state that allows you to be more open and connected before you explore it. Meditate. Pray. Get out in nature. Move your body. Go for a drive.

Do any of the things that help you find balance and better state of alignment first, and then allow yourself to explore what is really going on. You will find it much easier to see the cause of the thoughts, and from there find the healing the thoughts are trying to lead you to. Do you see? The thoughts are not the problem, they are a symptom of something within you that is seeking your love and guidance, and that is something that you can give yourself as many times as necessary to come to a place of peace within yourself. ~Archangel Gabriel though Shelley Young

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