Daily Message ~ Thursday June 25, 2015

So many of you, due to your conditioning, are still on high alert for what you do not want. While a great many of you have discovered the importance of positive focus and are beginning to apply it in your lives, one area in particular seems to be lagging and that is the one we would like to address today. The area we see people continuing to be on the lookout for is discomfort.

Discomfort, by itself, when it naturally occurs, is a wonderful gift. It is a feedback tool which allows a person to know that they have stepped out of their highest alignment and flow. It is an indicator that they have stepped into resistance and that it is time to re-surrender in order to move back into a more comfortable place. It is meant to be a re-directional.

Due to the plethora of ascension symptoms that people have begun experiencing, as well as very diligent humans seeking to eradicate anything lower vibrating in their bodies, we have seen discomfort leap to the forefront of many people’s focus. If you understand that your focus is a great multiplier, you can see how this may be making things far more difficult than necessary.

So here is our challenge to you today. We ask that you start to look everywhere for evidence of comfort in your life from this day forward. Right now there are a myriad of ways you are experiencing comfort! Your bodies are working efficiently in a multitude of processes that are supporting your health and wellbeing. You have shelter, food, water, clean air, electricity, computers and phones to connect you with the world. The entire universe is providing you with more comfort right now than any other time on your planet!

As your focus shifts to your comfort, you will naturally shift into greater wellness, happiness, satisfaction and gratitude. Choosing to make comfort your priority, with your words, actions and focus, is the basis for self love, which is what will pave all else on your journeys. It is time to release the fear of the unwanted and to embrace how incredibly supported and provided for you all are, and from that place you will allow yourselves to thrive. ~Archangel Gabriel

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