Daily Message ~ Thursday June 27, 2013

When a human wishes to go somewhere, they often put their destination into their GPS. Then, they enter into motion and simply follow the directions and trust it will get them where they wish to go in the fastest, most direct way possible.

Using your inner guidance system is much the same. Setting an intention is much like putting the destination into your GPS. It clearly states where you would like to go. Then, to enter into motion, you simply surrender into the flow and then follow the subtle bumps and nudges of your soul and your helpers. If you pay attention and follow the suggestions, you will get to where you wish to be in record time.

Intention, surrender and flow are the steps to using your inner guidance system. It is always updated and always takes you down the route of your highest good. And just like your regular GPS, if you happen to miss a turn it will automatically recalibrate and lead you from wherever you are. ~Archangel Gabriel

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