Daily Message ~ Thursday June 3, 2021

Dizziness is a common symptom of transformation. It can be felt when old templates are dismantled and new systems and templates are in the process of being anchored into your energetics. When you are in the process of transitioning between the two you may feel somewhat untethered or confused and dizziness can occur. You may find grounding difficult in these in-between phases.

The good news is these phases don’t last long. They also act as mile markers to let you know your own evolutionary process is continuing along beautifully. Practice good self care. Rest if you need it. Ask your body what it needs and be willing to listen to its innate wisdom. Pay attention to what is going on astrologically or energetically and take notes so you’ll remember what brings you comfort for future events.

And most of all, celebrate the fact that you have come to the point in your journey where you can assimilate higher and stronger energies than ever before. You are all doing such an outstanding job and we continue to be amazed at your commitment, your courage, your resilience, and your grace as members of the ground crew on a rapidly ascending planet. You truly are love in action and we honour you for all that you do. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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