Daily Message ~ Thursday March 13, 2014

So many of you are beautiful, caring souls who are on the earth to help anchor the changes that will move your planet, and humanity, forward in this new age of enlightenment. You understand that what you resist persists, so some of you may be confused as to how to proceed. We would suggest you focus on a new way of supporting change, what we would call mindful activism.

Mindful activism is able to hold the energy of the desired change without activating resistance in others. It is a kinder, gentler energy. It involves being beautiful teachers by example. It anchors the energy of the changes you wish to see in their most positive aspects. It creates beyond the old energies of what is no longer a match on an evolving planet. From embracing the positive aspects, it teaches potential and possibility rather than focusing on the negative. It uplifts, it encourages and it feeds hope for the future. More than anything else, it unifies rather than separates, with its gentle focus on what can be. ~Archangel Gabriel

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