Daily Message ~ Thursday March 5, 2015

If you are feeling frustrated, unappreciated or overwhelmed, it is a sure sign that you have become out of balance, either with your own self care, or with your relationship with others. Those emotions are your soul letting you know it is time for adjustment. It is not an indication to keep on going, ignore your feelings, to toughen up, or try even harder.

By listening to your emotional cues, you can reevaluate, recenter and rebalance. By immediately doing so, you will catch yourself before things escalate into resentment, anger, and emotional outbursts that can make you seem unstable and unsafe to others. It will also help you avoid the regret that always follows such experiences. Your own relationship with yourself, and others, will only improve by listening to the feedback your emotions and body are always giving you.

The more you pay attention, the easier it becomes to address things long before they reach crisis proportions. Before you know it, you will have developed the skill of listening to what honours you and others before you even make a decision, which will lead to far greater ease and harmony in your lives. You always have all the information you need, Dear Ones. It is simply up to you to listen to it. ~Archangel Gabriel

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