spring path trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday May 21, 2020

Dear Ones, you do not need external approval to know your worth. You know your heart, you know your intentions, you know your truth, you know your innate goodness. Accept who you are as an individuated aspect of Source with your own divine mission of what you wish to experience and contribute.

It is by embracing your unique energetics and purpose you most efficiently serve both yourself and the whole in the most empowering and satisfying ways. Being true to the callings and wisdom of your own soul is exactly the alignment you’ve been seeking all along, and all great things will be created from there.

Your worthiness has never for a moment been in question. It has only been your reluctance to accept that inherent worthiness (often due to the opinions of those who have never had the ability to see you in your truth) that has been the challenge. Isn’t it time to finally step forward as the only qualified leader of your own life expression? Isn’t it time to encourage others to do the same? ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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