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Daily Message ~ Thursday May 5, 2022

You are not wrong, or bad, or broken. You are magnificent beings who are in the process of both personal embodiment and assisting an ascending planet. You are in the throes of profound transformation on many levels and are handling it in ways that continue to amaze us every single day. We understand that you can’t see things from our perspective, but we urge you to release your self doubt and negative self talk for they serve no purpose, and shift into grace and love for yourselves because you are doing far greater things than you realize. These are the times you hoped with all your heart you would get to experience and now you are and you are doing an outstanding job! ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Our Divine Combination series starts this Saturday May 7 at 12 pm eastern time and will run for 6 weeks. This series of live, interactive calls will be taking a close look at each element of the Divine Combination followed by a channeled meditation that will allow you to experience the element in whatever way is perfect for you. The calls will be recorded, so no worries if you can’t make it in real time. Questions about the class content will be answered at the beginning of every call and can be submitted by email ahead of time or asked in real time if you are attending live.

You can purchase the entire series for a discounted price of $200 USD (regular $300 USD), or you can attend calls individually if you prefer for $40 USD each. I do highly recommend attending all classes to get the most out of the system if you are new to the Divine Combination. You can sign up here:

The full series:

Class One May 7 only – An overview of the Divine Combination and the elements of Surrender and Faith:

As the Divine Combination is the navigation system for the new, I feel like this is the ideal time to be offering this series. It is my personal intention to dust off my own Divine Combination skills and commit to using them in an even deeper way in my life. I hope you will join me in this transformational process. I can’t wait to see what magic we get to experience together!


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