Daily Message ~ Thursday November 21, 2013

What if you gave up the idea that anything can be wrong? What if you decided that everything is always, always divinely perfect, even if you don’t understand exactly why something has occurred? What if you moved into the idea that every soul is having or has had the exact experiences it needs for this incarnation?

If you surrendered the idea that anything can ever be wrong, you would immediately move into acceptance. You would release the idea of victim consciousness and move into authentic power. You would be able to demonstrate a much deeper faith and trust. You would be able to see that everything you ever could need is already within you. You would become your own champion, your own saviour, your own healer. You would find peace and embrace your life moving forward.

God does not make mistakes, Dear Ones. You do not make mistakes in your planning of your life expression, or your experiences. Your core is divine, as is each and every other person’s on the planet. Release your attachment to outcome, and release the story of your old wounds. Shower yourself with unconditional love and let your empowered self step forward. If you simply embrace your truth that you are a piece of Source energy, and through that acceptance allow that energy to flow through you, you will find the wholeness you seek. ~Archangel Gabriel

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