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Daily Message ~ Thursday November 4, 2021

Your authenticity is your greatest gift both to yourself and the world, for it is embracing your truest essence and offering your unique energetic contributions that add to the mosaic of the whole. From this perspective, can you see that your beingness is an essential aspect of your service? In fact, we would go so far as to say it is the foundation that is necessary for all other things to be built upon.

We realize that because you have been so conditioned to think busyness is good, and stillness is laziness or somehow wasted time, it can be difficult to embrace the power of your beingness. We would like you to understand your beingness is the perpetual path of alignment. It doesn’t mean that you never move into action, it simply means you take inspired action and your choices are true energetic matches to both who you are and the energetics of any given time. It is the way of heart-centred, soul led efficiency.

As making the grand shift from 3D doing to 5D being is essential to step up fully into the new, we highly advise you explore and release any old conditioning that has led you to believe that your beingness is somehow less than enough. It is time to embrace the glorious, ever-shifting and evolving essence only you can provide. Not only is more than enough, it is your purpose. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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