Daily Message ~ Thursday, November 6, 2014

As you choose to become conscious creators, you must learn to both give and receive. As you seek to work with the flow, and to be of service, you must learn to both give and receive. The vast majority of enlightening human beings are more comfortable with the giving than the receiving. That is because you are on the planet to assist, and you perceive receiving as not assisting.

Dear Ones, you like to give because it feels good! There is a joy that comes from assisting that feels wonderful because it honours your deep desire to be of service. But what if we told you receiving is also giving? Receiving from another allows the universe to work through them, so they can feel their purpose, and the joy that comes from assisting, as well. Do you see? When you give, you receive. When you receive, you give. A truly balanced human embraces both, understanding it all is part of the flow, and the dance, of the universe. ~Archangel Gabriel

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