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Daily Message ~ Thursday November 9, 2017

Dear Ones, your level of monetary abundance is not dependant upon a specific job or source of income. It is an alignment that you carry with you everywhere you go.

You will create for yourselves according to what you think is possible for you. Simply put, most people get comfortable with a certain level of abundance and stay there. This is why it is difficult for most people to manifest a huge amount of money. They can’t find the energetic alignment of it. It is too big of a vibrational jump for them. But this does not mean you cannot create more monetary ease in your life. Far from it! It simply means that you must find your comfort with larger amounts incrementally.

So ask yourself what you think is possible for you with money. Do you think you can create an extra $5 a week? That would be a very easy thing to do for most people. You would believe that was an achievable amount. What about an extra $100? An extra thousand? Most of you will hit an amount that you feel resistant to. That is where you have entered the zone of believing it is not possible. That’s okay. Back up from there. What amount more do you feel acceptance to? You want to find an amount that you feel good about to start from.

You do not need to know where the money will come from. The fact that you align with the potential of it and are open to receiving it is all that is required. You may even consciously wish to declare to the universe that you are willing to accept abundance in all positive forms in whatever way it wishes to it deliver to you. Just declare your intention and let it come.

It is a wise human being that starts to play in the field of possibilities in whichever they can believe they can achieve. That creates a vibrational alignment and a natural acceptance that supports the exact conditions you need to expand into new potentials. Over time you will get comfortable with that new level of abundance and then you can expand again.

Just like all other forms of growth, you do not need to try to do it all at once. Small consistent shifts add up to big change. Have fun with it! Play and experiment with what you can create with a universe that is always responding to your intentions and desires. The easier you get with the process the easier it is for you to receive and to transform your relationship with money. After all, money was simply created as a tool for the universe to better serve you in the first place. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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