polished stones in heart shape trinity esoterics

Daily Message ~ Thursday October 11, 2018

Dear Ones, coming through a corridor of transformation such as you have experienced over the past several months is much like being a rock in a tumbler. It’s very intense when you are in it and it can be difficult to get your bearings or have a true sense of what things will look like when you are done. But when you emerge, you are beautifully polished like never before. Your rough edges are removed, and you feel smoother and more comfortable.

This will be reflected in how you feel about your personal wounds, issues, and challenges that you have been working on healing for so very long. You will find you think of them less, and when you do they will simply not have the energetic charge they once did. They are no longer driving your experience, but rather, a part of your past.

These changes will be subtle.  In fact, you may not even notice at first. But as you move forward, you will start to move into an awareness that the roughness of the past is dissipated, replaced with the true beauty of your beingness shining through. It is always a blessed time when you realize the fruits of your labour and fully recognize and embrace your new energetic state. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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