Daily Message ~ Thursday October 17, 2013

Dear Ones, it is your natural instinct to love. As a piece of God, love is your source, it is your true state of being. Many of you have been hurt by others and have decided to be guarded with your love, which really only amounts to denying yourself.

Love! Love because it is your natural state. Love because it feels good to do so. If you have forgotten how to love, or how wonderful it feels to feel love, spend some time with babies, animal or human, and feel your heart open and expand. Take notice of when you are in that love space – you feel absolutely delightful – so present and alive! You feel whole and healthy in all ways.

Many of you think you will experience the flush of falling in love for a short period of time and after that love becomes work. This is such a limited idea of what love is! Love is what allows you to express your beauty, your light, your essence and is what opens you to experience the entire universe loving you right back.

So come back to love, Dear Ones, as an element that is just as important to you as the air you breathe, and surrender back into that universal stream of divine connection where you give love, receive love, feel love, BE love, all at the same time. ~Archangel Gabriel

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