Daily Message ~ Thursday October 2, 2014

There will be times in your life when you experience accelerated energies. During those times, you can feel like things are coming at you from all directions, that things are choppy and unpredictable, and that all you can really do is hang on the best you can. While those times may feel very intense, they always lead to a better place. Always.

Imagine going down rapids in a raft. The ride, initially, is very busy. You are getting bounced all about! You may get spray in your face, and you can’t even see the scenery around you because you are just concentrating on hanging on. You try your best to steer, but you realize the flow is just too strong to really control. You may even feel halfway down that you don’t want to be on the ride at all anymore, but you realize there is nothing to be gained from stopping where you are, so you just concentrate on staying the course the best you can.

Before you know it, the rapids are over! You have been propelled out of that accelerated flow and the water is moving quickly and smoothly. All of a sudden you can dry yourself off, and appreciate the scenery, and the energies you have found yourself in. You know that you could never have accelerated as far forward in this broad, beautiful stream of energy any other way than shooting through those rapids. You can even appreciate the power of the rapids now because you see they are what moved you through a lot of energy very quickly, and have spit you out in this brand new, great feeling place.

Dear Ones, know that any period of acceleration in your life will only last long enough to bring you to a new, much better reality. The periods of intensity only last a short time, and always bring true and lasting change. ~Archangel Gabriel

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