Daily Message ~ Thursday October 3, 2013

The idea that anyone can do it for you – that they can make you whole, make you happy, make you love yourself, or in any way fill you up with pieces you do not have is completely false. It is a construct designed to keep you dependant and out of your authentic power. Thousands upon thousands of people have exhausted themselves trying to fill up and fix others, only to have it end in disappointment and resentment.

Dear Ones, you are the only one with the access to your healing, happiness and wholeness. Everything you seek will come from within. No one can do it for you, nor can you do it for anyone else. Each individual is responsible for their own process and evolution.

Think of a beautiful tree in early spring. It is taking longer than you think it should to bloom, so you get some fake leaves and flowers and tape them to the branches. It might look temporarily more like you think it should, but the fake leaves will never, ever behave like the real thing, and come the first bit of stormy weather they will all fall off. But if you patiently wait and water the tree, and trust that the tree knows exactly what it is doing, and allow the tree to have its own process, it will start to bud and bloom when the timing is exactly right for it. ~Archangel Gabriel

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