Daily Message ~ Thursday October 30, 2014

Dear Ones, the entire purpose of coming into the body is to have physical experiences. Your body is the most efficient self defining apparatus available. It takes tremendous work and effort to get to the point of adulthood to start having the pivotal experiences that allow you to greater know yourself, your preferences, your truth. Do not stagnate now that you have come to that point!

We understand that many of you are so mindful of your enlightenment process that you are taking things very seriously and do not wish to make mistakes. Hear us when we say that your spirituality has had plenty of seriousness on your planet already. What if we told you that you can be mindful AND joyful? What would that look like to you?

Your soul is so excited to be part of this process. Embrace the amazing opportunities for experience that exist on your planet right now. You are the ground crew! Try many things. Did you know that you miss your bodies and the ability to experience things in a physical way when you transition to the other side? Did you know that your passed loved ones also love to experience things vicariously through you?

Cherish the fact that you are in the realm of experience on an ascending planet, and know that your choices will only further secure the process by allowing you to energetically refine and know yourself even more. ~Archangel Gabriel

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