Daily Message ~ Thursday September 11, 2014

If asked how you are, many of you can’t figure out how to respond to in a way that is truthful and yet not complaining if your reality is not in line with what you want. You want to be honest. But how do you be honest and not give more focus to what you do not want? Simple!

Let us suppose that you are experiencing some issues with your health. You don’t want to further anchor the experience of illness, but you also want to be authentic. So if someone asks you how you are, perhaps you could respond with, “I am really focused on health and wellness.” After your chat is done, the person walks away and thinks, Wow, she is focused on health and wellness. Then that person mentions you to a mutual friend and when asked how you are, they reply, “Great! She’s really focused on health and wellness.” Do you see? Now there are three people holding the space of health and wellness for you!

If you are experiencing lack financially and are asked how you are, you could say, “I am really focused on my alignment and creating the life of my dreams.” The person you are speaking to feels inspired by you making empowered choices, and you have been completely honest the whole time. They may even ask you how you are doing that, and it could open up a whole new discussion!

We understand it can be difficult to understand how to bridge the disconnect between where you are, and where you would like to be. But if you were on a vacation and stopped to fuel your vehicle, if someone stopped to chat, you wouldn’t say, “I am getting gas and using the restrooms.” You would say you were on your way to your destination and excited to be on vacation! You wouldn’t be lying because you weren’t in Florida, yet, would you? Simply put, your focus is your truth. ~Archangel Gabriel

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