Daily Message ~ Thursday September 15, 2022

When you commit to being present with yourself as your own loving parent and guide, you become a consistent source of love and acceptance for yourself. This allows you to create safe attachment with yourself which is absolutely vital for your healing, growth, and expansion, especially if you’ve been in the habit of being hard on yourself in the past. As you allow yourself to be a constant source of love for yourself you can rely on, you will find greater balance and ease because it is coming Home to yourself. Your path ahead steadies and becomes more peaceful and efficient. You feel the satisfaction of being complete within yourself, and this allows you to be and thrive like never before. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

Hi everyone! I’m back! I’m starting to feel like myself again after having covid. Thank you so much for all of your loving get well messages, they meant so much to me!

Today I will be appearing on The New Human summit with Sigrid VanHeerwaarden. If you’re not familiar with Sigrid, she has the loveliest energy and we always have wonderful discussions. If you can’t catch the call live, there will be a replay available for 72 hours. I hope you’ll join us! You can sign up here: https://sigridvanheerwaarden.com/shelley-young

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