Daily Message ~ Thursday September 19, 2013

You are all beloved, beautiful, aspects of Source. Source is pure, shimmering, unconditional love. So, you, as that piece of the whole, as a beloved child of God, are also of that delightful, shining, pool of love. As you start to truly understand the breathtaking simplicity of it all, as you start to embrace your BEingness, you will emanate love, and you will draw love. Love will swirl around you, love will run through you and love will pour out of you. As you embrace the fact that love is your truest state of BEing, you will feel like you have come Home, yet you will be in the body, expressing yourself as an amazing vessel of love. Every time you choose to love, you choose to align with your truth and with Source, and shine more brightly. So embrace love, Dear Ones, every chance you get, because that is what this whole process is all about – your triumphant return to love. ~Archangel Gabriel

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