Daily Message ~ Thursday September 25, 2014

Many of you would like to meditate, but you put it off thinking it takes up too much of your time. Dear Ones, you only need a very short amount of time in meditation to reap considerable benefit.

You see, when you are in a meditative state, you are in a state of pure connection, in a place that exists beyond time and space. Because of that, even a short time in meditation would equal many hours of ideal, calm, peaceful, balanced, creative, rejuvenating, human time. The power of meditation is that it is both condensed, and expanded, which makes it a very user friendly tool in your busy life.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that five or ten minutes of meditation are not helpful. Any amount will have a long lasting and positive effect on your energetics, your mood, and your day. And again, meditation is not just sitting in a trance state. It can also be walking in nature, creating, prayer – any activity the allows you to stop the busyness, connect, and BE. It is a gift from you, for you, that serves all. ~Archangel Gabriel

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