Daily Message ~ Thursday September 6, 2012

Many of you have been raised to live your life in troubleshooting mode, always on high alert to where the next problem might come from. If you are always looking for trouble, trouble is exactly what you will find! Then, because life has become very difficult, the human starts to feel very battered, indeed, not understanding that they are actively contributing to the state of their existence. You cannot navigate your life in an empowered way from a place of fear and victim consciousness, Dear Ones! We guarantee that the areas that are most problematic for you are the areas where you feel the least amount of gratitude. You can shift out of the energies that are not working for you, instantaneously, by infusing gratitude into those areas. Gratitude is the grease that gets things moving in the right direction. It is the magic pixie dust that creates and you all have an endless supply within you. Gratitude is a beautiful energy that empowers and aligns you with Source. It is the missing ingredient you are looking for if you are not living the life of your dreams. Just try it. Infuse some heartfelt gratitude into your life and let the miracles begin. ~Archangel Gabriel

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