Daily Message ~ Thursday September 7, 2017

So many human beings are living lives that are a fraction of what is available to them. There are several reasons for this.

As children, most of you were conditioned to be careful, to not be reckless, to play it safe, to settle in and be satisfied with what was known. You were taught the pervasive belief your parents had, which was the known was safe, where the unknown was unsafe.

This is exactly how limiting belief systems occur – they are passed on from generation to generation until pioneering souls push the boundaries and new possibilities are discovered and accepted.

Many of you are in a phase where your soul wants more. It wishes to move beyond what you have known into the realm of endless possibility. That is because so many of you are pioneers, driving the shift of consciousness on your planet.

Don’t be afraid to think beyond! Beyond what you have already experienced, beyond what you have known, beyond what you think is possible! You are creators – powerful, mindful, beautiful creators who are integral in the creation of the new earth.

Cast your net wide! Co-create with your guides and helpers by setting an intention to have your next grandest experience and leaving room for the universe to respond with potentials you couldn’t have imagined.

Dear Ones, it is time to release the fear of success and the fear of failure and start to embrace the value of experience – all experience! You are ready to expand and self express like never before and you are well prepared for it, so go forth and SHINE! ~Archangel Gabriel

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